NC-203.22"R1 (10"x8"x22") centrifugal pump

  NC-203.22"R1 (10"x8"x22") centrifugal pump is designed for pumping various fluids:

  • abrasive hydraulic fluids (clay and gravel solutions, a mixture of water and sand, ore, etc.);
  • washing solution used in wells drilling;
  • domestic and industrial wastewater;
  • spent washing solution in a hydrocyclone plant for cleaning from drill cuttings;
  • cement slurries.

  The centrifugal pump NC-R1 is used in the oil and gas industry for auxiliary operations when pumping cement slurries, drilling mud, slurry solution, and also as a transfer pump to the main drilling pumps.

Parameter name NC-203.22"R1
Pump overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 950х795х910
Inlet port diameter, mm 254 (10")
Outlet port diameter, mm 203 (8")
Impeller diameter, mm 560 (22")
Maximal speed, rpm 1500
Connecting flanges ASME/ANSI B16,5 Class 150
Weight, kg, ±3% 400
Maximal head, m 110
Maximal flow, m3/h (L/s) 800 (220)
Component materials:  
Impeller 20H13L
Other components (castings) 40HL
Other components (except castings) 40H

NC-203.22"R1 (10"x8"x22") centrifugal pump produced by RosNefteGazInstrument is a small and compact machine for high-pressure feeding of piston triplex pumps serving the wells. The pump is specially designed for pumping abrasive mixtures (bottoms solutions) and cement slurries. In pump production modern CNC equipment is used. Our centrifugal pumps can be used in various industries.


Ease of maintenance


Light weight and compactability


Minimal installation space


Extreme strength


Steel casting of all parts


The impeller is made of steel 20Х13L


Increased wear resistance of the pump parts


Horizontal or vertical arrangement


Universal, modular design that allows Customer to purchase only those parts that are necessary for repair


The possibility of changing the direction of rotation due to a simple installation of the impeller, respective rotation direction and scroll turning (only the impeller changes, the remaining parts remain the same).

Additional options for NC-R1 centrifugal pumps:

  • right or left version;
  • flushing holes, bolt cap for cleaning the scroll when working with cement slurry;
  • centrifugal pump version for pumping cement slurries (with a density of up to 2500 kg/m3);
  • increased impeller hardness of up to 65-69 HRC.
  • elastic coupling;
  • key or splined connection to the shaft;
  • various positioning rams;
  • electrical, diesel, hydraulic drive;
  • flanged pipelines or pipelines for welding, shut-off valves;
  • back-flow valve for self-feeding.