Submersible pumping station SN-R1-03

Submersible pumping station SN-R1-03 are intended to:

  • to pump abrasive hydraulic fluids (clay and gravel mortars, mixtures of water and sand, ore, etc.);
  • to swamp drainage, unwatering of foundation, drainage of lakes and other water bodies;
  • to bottom dredging, bank alluviation, desliming and etc;
  • for maintenance and repair of gas pipelines in swampy and flooded areas;
  • for pumping drill cuttings (cuttings slurry, waste drilling mud), blackwater, industrial waste-water, oil contaminated soil, process effluent of oil-production enterprise and oil refinery;
  • for pumping domestic and industrial wastewater with long-fibre, coarse and solid inclusions.
SN-20.40.1,08R1-,5.2T.V   50 (5) 40 (4) 30 (8,33) 20 (5,55) NC-50R1 50 400×300×670 20 67 up to 1080 +5 ... +30 up to 8% at most 4 5,5 3000 10,8 380V/50Hz