KP-QRC-R1 Safety valve

KP-QRC-R1 Safety valve is designed to protect against mechanical destruction of equipment and pipelines by excessive pressure, by automatically releasing excess liquid, vapor and gaseous media from systems with a pressure in excess of the set one.

The valve also ensures that the medium is not discharged when the operating pressure is restored.

Attributes KP-QRC-2"R1.1502
Working pressure, MPa (atm.) 70 (700)
Nominal diameter, d, mm 2"/ 50 мм
Connection Figure 1502
Dimension, mm 400x200
Weight, kg 18
Connection thread CnTr ⌀104,775х8,467 (4-1/8" ACME 3 TPI-2G ANSI B 1.5)
Working substance Water, oil, oil products, cement and clay solutions, propane.