MS-40R3 Bulk cement storage silos

MS-40R3 Bulk cement storage silos designed for receiving, storing and unloading – loading to the consumer of cement or other dry bulk materials with a density of no more than 1,5 g/sm3.

Storage silos is designed to operate at an ambient temperature of – 40°...+ 40° C.

The category of roads where the storage can be operated, according to construction code and regulations 11-D5-72 – 1...5.

Storage silos designed for use with tractors that have connecting dimensions in accordance with GOST 12105-74, have pneumatic outlets in accordance with GOST R 41.13-2004, electric outlets in accordance with GOST R 41.48-2004 and allow the load on the coupling device according to the tables with technical characteristics.

Additional air entrance - via camlock 2".

Storage silos is unloaded pneumatically through the unloading pipeline. Control the level of loading of silos through the Windows. It is not allowed to transport a semi-trailer with loaded silos.

Parameter name Value
Total volume of tanks, m3 38
Working pressure of the pneumatic air supply system, MPa, max 0,2
Unloading capacity, t / min (m3 / min) 1,9 (1,6)
Nominal diameter of product pipelines, DN, mm 125
Compressor output KM 12/2, m3 / min 12
Loaded vehicle weight, kg, max 18600
Total vehicle weight, kg, max 18600
Full-weight vehicle loads on:  
- Fifth-wheel coupling of the road tractor, kg, max 8500
- the road through the semi-trailer truck, kg, max 10100
Total weight of the storage in a stationary state with additional supports, kg, no more 75600
Maximum speed, km/h 65
Suspension Air
Number of axles / wheels, PCs. 2/4+1 (stepney)
Tire type 385/65R22,5
Height of fifth-wheel coupling, mm 1550
Type of coupling pin according to GOST 12017-81, mm 50
Overall dimensions, mm, max:  
- length 13000
- width 2550
- height 4000