Pumping stations with belt drive SN-R1-05

Pumping stations SN-R1-05 are intended to pump various liquids:

  • abrasive hydraulic fluids (clay and gravel mortars, mixtures of water and sand, ore, etc.);
  • flushing liquid used in the course of well drilling;
  • household and industrial waste waters;
  • for pumping drilling waste (drill cuttings, waste drilling fluid), oil-contaminated soil and process effluents from oil producing and oil refineries.

Technical characteristics

SN-60.16,6.1,9R1-   60 (16,7) / 16,6 (1,66) 18 (1,8) NC-100R1 100 (4") 125 (5") 1150х510х1150 620 NF -45˚С ... +40˚С 0˚С ... +80˚С up to 1900 +5 ... +55 up to 60% at most 13 22 1500 42 IP55
Pumping stations with belt drive SN-R1-05Pumping stations with belt drive SN-R1-05

The pumping station SN-R1-05 consists of a centrifugal pump NC-R1 (pos.1), mounted on a mounting frame (pos.3). The electric motor (pos.2) is located above the centrifugal pump and is mounted to the mounting frame (pos. 4) The electric motor is raised and lowered using pins (item 5) On the pump housing there is a drive mechanism with a pulley (pos. 6) connected to the electric motor by means of belts (pos. 7) and closed casing (pos.8).

The pump housing is made of steel 40HL, the impeller (vane) is made of steel 20H13 with heat treatment. The use of these materials allows you to increase the life of the pump several times. It is also possible to manufacture the case from steel 20H13, and the impeller to be made with nitriding of the surface layer to obtain a hardness of up to 70 HRC. This combination will increase the life of the pump up to 10 times when working with abrasive mixtures.