SGN Floor hydraulic pressure mixer

Intended for the preparation of cementing slurries as part of mixing surge plants and feeding the prepared solutions directly in the tank with stirring rods by means of grouting fluid velocity head.


  • preparing high-quality cementing slurries (including two-component) with the regulated productivity and density;
  • quick and convenient replacement of connectors in the mixer;
  • absence of stones intrusion in the connector through-passage by virtue of mesh filter installation;
  • regulated additional injection of plugging materials in the solution prepared in order to increase its density;
  • high level of dispersion of cement particles and their mixing with the grouting fluid;
  • feeding the solution prepared in the mixing surge plant tank not using an auxiliary transporting pump;
  • reliability and durability in operation owing to equipping its dump shaft with an anti-abrasive device.


Parameter name SGN-25R1 SGN-25R2
Density range of the prepared slurry, g/сm3 1,3-2,2
Maximum mixer performance, dm3/с, min. 25
Grouting fluid feed pressure, PSI (atm) 882 (60) - 1470 (100)
Weight, lbs (kg), max. 88 (40) 221 (100)