VBS-R1 Power drilling swivel based on hydraulic drive

Power drilling swivel is designed to transfer the rotation of the upper part of the drill string during drilling operations, as well as the overhaul of oil and gas wells, including sidetracking. The swivel is supplied with a power unit that ensures the rotation of the swivel shaft with a set torque and a smooth change in the frequency and direction of rotation, braking of the pipe string.

Speed control is carried out by changing the working volume of the main hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, without changing the engine speed. Increasing the speed of rotation of the output shaft of the swivel to 60 rpm is carried out by increasing the working volume of the hydraulic pump at the maximum volume of the hydraulic motor. A further increase in the speed is achieved by reducing the working volume of the hydraulic motor. Braking and holding the position of the column is carried out by hydraulic motors, the maximum braking force is equal to the maximum torque.

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