Power drilling swivel VBS-80R1

Used for transmitting the rotation of the drill pipe upper part in drilling operations, and oil and gas well workover, including sidetracking.

The swivel comes with the power station providing the swivel shaft rotation with the established moment and smooth changing the rotation frequency and direction.


Power drilling swivel VBS-80R1Power drilling swivel VBS-80R1

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The swivel consists (Fig. 1) of the housing 1 with the feed line 2, a link 3 installed in the lugs of the housing 1 with the possibility of swinging on the pivot studs 4, a stem 5 with the sub 6 mounted on the bearings 7, 8 and 9 with rotation in the housing 1, and upper 10 and lower 11 seals.

The upper seal 10 is quick-detachable and connects to the feed 2 and stem 5 with the nuts 12 and 13. Hydraulic motors 14 are fastened on gears 17 through which the rotation to stem 5 is passed through the hirth coupling.

Hydraulic motor 14 is powered from the hydraulic power station installed on the sledge (not shown in fig. 1).

Station pump pumping over the fluid to the hydraulic motors is driven by the asynchronous electric motor with a capacity of 110 kW.

Swivel rotation is controlled by the frequency transducer and the regulated hydraulic pump.

Adapter sub 6 for prevention of unscrewing in reverse motion is braced against stem 5 with clamp 15.

Torque rod 16 is connected with the rod and prevents swivel rotation from the counter torque.


  1. Power drilling swivel VBS-80R1 – 1 pcs;
  2. Hydraulic power station – 1 pcs;
  3. Set of spare parts kit;
  4. Operating instruction – 1 pcs.

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