USO-20R1-15 The mixing-averaging unit

The mixing-averaging unit is designed for preparing cementing slurries and other process fluids in drilling oil and gas wells, lateral outlets, installing cement plugs and other isolation and repair works in wells.

TS 3666-008-79560377-2009

Actual operations:

  1. Autonomous preparation of cementing and other slurries, including from soft containers directly at the drilling site.
  2. Pumping the prepared slurry into the well. Pump and stirrers are empowered by auto power unit drive. Stirrers are empowered by hydraulic hydro pump drive with the hydro pumps installed on the power takeoff device of the car gearbox. Plunger pump is empowered by mechanic power takeoff box drive, with the power takeoff device installed on the distributing box.
  3. Preparation of a slurry to achieve the required specifications is performed by recirculation method using the in-house pump and mechanical agitators.
Parameter name Value
Mixing tank volume, m3 7 (3,5х2)
Accumulating slurry density up to, g/cm3 2,5
Allowable fluctuation in slurry density, g/cm2 0,01
Tank inclination angle, degrees 0,5
Stirrer specifications:  
- functional principle; Mechanical
- type; two-shaft auger-drill
- rotation rate min, rot./min 20-25
Measuring tank volume, m3 3 (1,5х2)
Plant dimension, mm, max.  
- Length 10070
- Width 2500
- Overall height 4300
- Traveling height 3600
Erection base Chassis КАМАZ 43118
Plunger pump:  
- labeling СИН-32
- plunger diameter, mm 125 (nitrogen)
- hydraulic horsepower output, kW 130
- full pump flow, L/sec 25
- peak pump pressure, MPa 32
Power takeoff device on the distributing box upper hatch МП 24-4208010-05
Power takeoff device on the gear box МП 50-4202010