IBOP for the top drive lower kelly valves

Intended for using as part of the upper power drive system for prompt overlap and pressurization of the drilling instrument tube channel in drilling the oil and gas wells, and also in maintenance and emergency works.

The valve is opened and closed by spindle 90° rotation using the key. Stopper serves as the key rotation stopper.

TS 3742-003-79560377-2009

Parameter name KSHZ-152R1-02
Working pressure, PSI (atm) 15431 (1050)
Cargo capacity, t (kn) 400 (4000)
Length 1,72 ft / 523 mm
External diameter 7 3/8″/ 187,5 mm
Cross-section diameter 2 15/16″/ 75 mm
Coupling thread as per API 7 6 5/8 Reg
Weight, lbs (kg) 170 (77)
Handling medium drill slurry, oil, gas
Ambient temperature, °С from -40 to +70