USM-20R1 Mechanical mixing plant

USM-20R1 Mechanical mixing plant is designed for transporting dry powdered materials, the mechanical supply of these materials with screw augers for the preparation of cementing slurries.

TS 3666-026-79560377-2013

Parameter name Value
Hopper volume, m3 20
Density range of the prepared slurry, max, g/сm3 1,3 - 2,4
Maximum mixer performance, dm3/c 27
The largest weight of the transported material, tons, max. 8,0
Total weight of material loading, taking into account the additional loading in place, tons, max. 28
Plant dimension, mm, max.  
- Length 9200
- Width 2500
- Height 3940
Erection base Chassis КАМАZ-43118
Engine, model 740.662-300 (Euro 4)
Capacity, l/s 300
Wheel arrangement 6х6
Cargo capacity, tones 12,7

When choosing the set USM-20R1-02, the largest weigh of the transported material is 7.4 tons.