BM-700R1 Manifold unit

The unit is designed for binding the pumping plants with each other and with the wellhead equipment when injecting the liquid into the well, equipped with SKCS-R1 system.

Parameter name Value
Plant dimensions:  
Distributing and discharge header valves:  
Water header valves:  
Discharge header:  
Distributing header:  
Water header:  
Auxiliary piping:  
IM-40T Augmenter:  
Erection base:  
Handling medium Liquid media used in cementing and preflush and overflush operation
Ambient class, °С from -45 to +40
Parameter name Value
IM-40T Augmenter:
- Cargo capacity , kg, max. 990
- Boom length, mm, max. 3,58
- Maximal lifting height, m 4,77
- Number of hydraulic extending sections, pcs. 2
Erection base:
- Chassis brand KAMAZ 43502
- engine capacity, kW, model (ЕURO-5) 208, Cummins IS86 7 ES 285
- wheel arrangement 4х4
- gear box ZF 9S1310
- starting engine preheat 14ТС
- dimension of tires 425/85 R21 or equivalent