VP-100R1 water swivels

VP-100R1 water swivels serve as coupling link between block & tackle system and intervention tools, which is tap to rotating swivel stem. Water swivel ensures the turning of the tool and the flushing fluid supply through hose connection into the pipe column to the bottom of the well. The place of installation of the swivel is on the lifting bail on block & tackle system.

TS 3661-001-79560377-2009

Parameter name VP-100R1-01 VP-100R1-02
Maximum load on the stem, kN (tf) 1000 (100) 1000 (100)
Maximum pressure of the pumped liquid, PSi (atm) 3086 (210) 3086 (210)
Operating ambient temperature, °C -40 ... +45 -40 ... +45
Diameters of stem pass, d1, max 2
"/ 75 mm
"/ 75 mm
Diameters of outlet pass, d2, max 2
"/ 75 mm
"/ 75 mm
Stem connection dimensions, D, tubing thread API Spec 5B NUE-4″ NUE-4
Outlet connection dimensions, d, tubing thread API Spec 5B NUE-3
Overall dimensions, LxWxH, mm, max: 780х350х168 830х350х174
Weight, max: 121.26 lbs / 55 kg 143.3 lbs / 65 kg
Scheme VP-100R1 water swivelsFig. 1 VP-100R1 water swivels

Water swivel (fig.1) consist of stem (pos. 1) and body (pos. 2). The swivel body contains two ball bearings (pos. 3), ensuring free rotation of the stem. The inner bag of the body in the top and bottom parts is waterproof against circulating fluid invasion by U-caps (pos. 4) and from dust and dirty by oil seals (pos. 5) and o-rings (pos. 6) installed in the roof (pos. 7). The roof (pos. 7) enclosed to plug by blunt bolts (pos.8).

During work, the swivel body is under the influence of the mass of the сasing wash down hose, and the mass of the washpipes have an effect on the swivel stem.

A cap (pos. 9) is screwed onto the upper end of the stem, under which a pipe elevator is attached.

At the customer's request, a swivel sub with the required tubing thread, drill pipe thread or tool-joint thread can be screwed onto the swivel stem.

Additional sizes:

Typesize D1 D2 L1 L2
VP-100R1-01 96 124 300 102
VP-100R1-02 96 136 350 114

Spare tools and accessories kit:

Name VP-100R1-01 VP-100R1-02
Oil seal GOST 8752-79, 2 pcs. 1.1-105х130-2 1.1-115х145-2
U-Cup, 2 pcs. VP-50-16R1.00.05-03 VP-50-16R1.00.05-06
Key, 1 pc. VP-80-21R2.04.00 VP-100-21R1.04.00
O-Ring GOST 9833-73 / GOST 18829-73, 2 pcs. 140-145-36-2-2 145-150-36-2-2
Key GOST 11737-93, 1 pc. 7812-0372 C6 7812-0372 C6

At the request of the consumer, it is possible to supply an extended set of spare parts. The specified quantity will be supplied in addition to the standard set.


  1. Operation manual - 1 pc;
  2. Certificate of conformity - 1pc.

Complementary options of VP-100R1:

Fig. 2 VP-100R1 water swivels with set of options
Option name Product code Position (Fig. 2)
Female sub 2" VP-100-R1.00.08 10
Nut 2" SB-60-70.03 11
Male sub 2" SB-60-70.01 12
O-Ring GOST 9833-73/GOST 18829-73* 062-070-46-2-2 13
Removable guy to compensate for the resulting reactive moment 14
Maximum pressure of the pumped liquid, PSI (atm.) – 5144 (350)
Parts material: steel AISI 420 with special heat treatment. Processing medium: drilling mud containing H2S, CO2, CaCL2, NaCL, KCL, HCL; plus the execution of K2 and K3

* One O-ring is supplied on the product and one O-ring is included in the spare parts kit.

Swivel subs of VP-100R1:

Option name n - required size Position (Fig. 2)
Sub Stem* Box NUE D x Box NUE n 15
Box NUE D x Pin NUE n 16
Box NUE D x Pin NC-n
Outlet Pin NUE d x Pin NUE n 17
Pin NUE d x Box NUE n 18
Pin NUE d х Flange 80х21 GOST 28919-91 19

* It is possible to change the lifting capacity of the swivel from the selected thread on the sub.