PS-500R1 Hydraulic press

PS-500R1 Hydraulic press is intended for performing various cold and hot stamping operations, forging, engraving, leveling, and gauging works in opened and closed dies. The press is empowered by the electric motor with frequency transducer, equipped by CNC system, can be used as part of an automated complex.

Parameter name PS-500R1
Maximum system pressure, PSI (atm) 5585 (380)
Press tonnage at max. pressure, t 19 11/16″/ 500 mm
Motor and pump rotation rate, rot./min. 0-3000
Pump flow (at 1500 rot./min), l/min 44,1
Consumer (designed) voltage at a pressure of 35 MPa and the maximum feed, kW 30
Cylinder stroke 19 11/16″/ 500 mm
Cylinder diameter 16 1/8″/ 410 mm
Full back stroke time (rapid traverse), sec 34
Full forward stroke time (rapid traverse), sec 45
Back stroke speed (rapid traverse), mm/sec 14,62
Forward stroke speed (rapid traverse), mm/sec 11,14
Distance between the table and the rod in its upper position 72 13/16″/ 1850 mm
Table dimensions (depth x width), min. 19 11/16″/ 500 mm х 27 3/16″/ 690 mm
Press weight including the hydroelectric power station, max. 20944 (9500)