The compressor station SK-12-2R2

The compressor station SK-12-2R2 is intended for operation as a part of stationary pneumatic cement storages. The station consists of a compressor equipped with an electric motor and installed on a frame, treatment systems for intake and discharge air (optional) and a control system. Cement is loaded into and unloaded from the storage pneumatically, i.e. by pumping air out from vessels (optional) or into vessels, respectively. Climatic modification “У”, arrangement category 3 in accordance with GOST 15150.

The compressor station is quite compact, requires minimal space for installation, convenient in maintenance operations. For its transportation, any suitable vehicles can be used (roads of 1-5 categories), as well as railway and waterborne carriages.

In order to ensure safe operation of the compressor and its unloaded startup (mandatory condition), a manifold is installed on its outlet equipped with check and safety relief valves, as well as a ball cock.

The station must operate in recursive short-time mode. Duration of the operating cycle must not exceed 1 hour. Interval between the cycles must be at least 30 minutes.

Parameter name Value
Full weight, kg, at most 944
Overall dimensions, mm
- length 1700
- width 1030
- height 1070
Compressor KM-12-2R1
- type: Pendulum
- capacity, m3/min, at least 12
- pressure, MPa (kg/cm2), at most 0,2 (2,0)
- speed, rpm, at most 1000
Electric motor:
- brand 5A225M4
- rated speed, rpm 1400
- rated capacity, kW 65
- rated torque, Nm 397
- rated current, A 82,6
- voltage, V 380
- cooling type air
Camlock, type А, " (DN) 3 (75)

Complementary options for the compressor station:

1 Compressor unit control cabinet IP 54 (from +5 to + 40 °С)
2 Heating the cabinet at low temperatures (from -40 °C)
3 Variable speed drive for stepless speed control of engine shaft rotation
4 Line choke to reduce interference from the variable speed drive to the line
5 Cable for connecting the electrical cabinet to the electric motor.