The compressor unit UK-12R1

The compressor unit UK-12R1 designed for use in cement trucks and other vehicles . The unit consists of a frame with a diesel-driven compressor mounted on it, a weather-proof casing, air handling systems for receiving and pumping air (optional), and control systems. Loading and unloading of containers is pneumatic, carried out by vacuuming the vessels (option) and injecting air into them, respectively.

For its transportation, any suitable vehicles can be used (roads of 1-5 categories), as well as railway and waterborne carriages. The container has appropriate fasteners for loading and unloading and transportation according to GOST 20527-82 with corner fittings, or according to GOST 18579-79 with rimmed nodes.

The compressor unit is mounted on the frame of a cement truck.

In order to ensure safe operation of the compressor and its unloaded startup (mandatory condition), a manifold is installed on its outlet equipped with check and safety relief valves, as well as a ball cock.

Parameter name Value
Full weight, kg, at most 1500
Overall dimensions, mm
- length 2650
- width 2100
- height 2400
Compressor KM-12-2R1
- type: Pendulum
- capacity, m3/min, at least 12
- pressure, MPa (kg/cm2), at most 0,2 (2,0)
- speed, rpm, at most 1000
Diesel engine:
- brand D-245.5
- maximum speed, rpm 1400
- rated capacity, kW 65
- maximum torque, Nm 397
- specific fuel consumption at rated power mode, g/kW*h 217
- cooling type Water
Fuel tank capacity, l 90
Maximum pressure of the product feed pneumatic system, MPa (kg/cm2), no more 0,2 (2,0)
Scheme The compressor unit UK-12R1 open

The compressor unit UK-12R1 consist of:

1 Diesel engine D245.5 10 Female camlock fitting Dn 75
2 Compressor KM-12-2R1 11 Safety valve
3 Control panel 12 V-belt drive
4 Fuel tank 13 Storage battery (2 pcs.)
5 Filling chest 14 Diesel cowl
6 Muffler with exhaust pipe 15 Check valve
7 Mounting for diesel-engine drive and compressor 16 T-socket
8 Flame start system 17 Protective cover for belt drive
9 Coarse filter (2 pcs.) 18 Belt-tensioning bolts