Welcome to RNGI!

Thank you for your interest in our products. For many years, we have been specializing in the production of first-class equipment for the oil and gas industry in order to provide oil and gas companies with reliable, durable, modern machinery used in the process of drilling and operating wells.

Being a specialized full-cycle enterprise, we develop and produce on our equipment more than 60 types of products, from swivels and cementing heads, to the cementing fleet in full.

Our experts are constantly looking for new, original solutions and successfully implement them. Engineers are closely associated with production and constantly monitor the process of manufacturing and assembling products. By making high demands on the reliability of our products, we conduct testing and testing of each loaded unit, and production equipped with modern machine tools with numerical program control provides high quality performance of all parts of the manufactured equipment. Our products, designed for operation in harsh climatic and physico-chemical conditions, are heat treated and nitrided. Due to this, the service life of the products of RNGI is much higher than that of third-party manufacturers.

Convenient location of the production units in Krasnodar allows you to make the most rapid shipment by any means of transport to anywhere in the world. From air and railway transport to container shipment from the international sea port to Novorossiysk.

Rosneftegazinstrument supplies its equipment to the largest oil and gas companies in Russia and the near and far abroad.

We always listen to the wishes of our customers and strive to translate their requirements for the design features of the equipment into reliable, high-tech products.