КО Check valves with flange connection

Check valve is designed for automatic overlap and pressurization of the high-pressure manifold tube channel in cementing, maintenance and operation of oil and gas wells.

The valve consists of a housing, a ball, a spring, a sleeve nut, a stop plug, a vessel and a ring.

The valve is mounted into the high-pressure manifold, connected to the flange connection with the octangular steel ring gaskets.

The valve opens under the fluid pressure impact in direct feed through the pipe string - ball moves down, in absence of circulation the valve closes under spring impact, the valve closes in case of reverse fluid feed, the stream is cut off.

Наименование параметра KO-65хQRC2"R1 KO-80хQRC2"R1
Working pressure, PSI (atm.) 5144 (350) 5144 (350)
Length 0,66 ft / 200 mm 0,68 ft / 206 mm
OD 9 5/8″/ 245 mm 10 7/16″/ 265 mm
Cross-section diameter 2 1/16″/ 52 mm 2 1/16″/ 52 mm
Weight, lbs (kg) 54 (24,5) 66 (30)
Connection Spec. buttress thread 100х12.7 (QRC 2")
Flange type 1 65х35 GOST 28919-91
Spec. buttress thread 100х12.7 (QRC 2")
Flange type 1 80х35 GOST 28919-91
Материал деталей сталь 40Х ГОСТ 4543-71
Corrosion-resistant design version K1 as per GOST 13862-90
Handling medium Oil, gas, gas-condensate, flush liquid with СО2 content up to 6%
Ambient class UHL (HL) as per GOST 15150-69
Ambient processing temperature, °К(°С) from 233(-40) to 373(100)
Technical proposal