In terms of design, the swivel can be complemented with the following:

Additional equipment for drilling swivels with additional equipmentAdditional equipment for drilling swivels

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Bail extension stem USHVAdditional equipment for drilling swivels

USHV Bail extension stem

Required for:

Increasing the bail length of drill swivel, when placed in the jaw of the lubricator bail of the measure while drilling.
In operation, a set couple of stems is mounted in the swivel housing instead of swivel ends, and the swivel bile ends are connected to the stem with fingers.

Drill hoses RBAdditional equipment for drilling swivels

RB-R1 Drill hoses

Required for:

Rubber drilling hoses, used on drilling units as flexible pipes for feeding water, cement and clay slurries containing up to 20% oil under high pressure (up to 35 MPa). Drill hoses may be used as major pipelines and in drilling equipment production.
A drill hose consists of an internal oil-and-petrol resistant and an external abrasion-proof rubber layers and the bearing frame made of brass plated metal cord with intermediate rubber-fabric layers.

Telemetric system pressurizer setAdditional equipment for drilling swivels

Telemetric system pressurizer set

Required for:

Pressure-sealing head is designed for sealing the drilling pipe inner canal;
Snatch block is designed for centering the rope with pressure-sealing head opening and for smooth telemetric system descent;
The hydraulic power station is designed for injecting pressure into the pressure-sealing head.