Potential supply upon customer's request:

  • pumping plant with the electric motor drive;
  • pumping plant with the diesel engine drive;
  • pumping plant with the hydraulic motor drive.

SN-R1 Pumping plant

  SN-R1 Pumping plant is designed for pumping various liquids:

  • abrasive hydraulic fluids (clay and gravel solutions, a mixture of water and sand, ore, etc.);
  • washing solution used in wells drilling;
  • domestic and industrial wastewater;
  • spent washing solution in a hydrocyclone plant for cleaning from drill cuttings;
  • cement slurries.

Additional options for SN-R1 pumping plants:

  • various positioning rams;
  • flanged pipelines or pipelines for welding, shut-off valves;
  • pumping plant control desk;
  • smooth start unit;
  • frequency transducer for smooth electric motor shaft rotation speed;
  • advanced environmental protection level (for street use).


Ease of maintenance


Light weight and compactability


Minimal installation space


Increased wear resistance of all parts


Universal design that allows the Customer to purchase only those parts that are necessary for repair