ACV-17R1 Bulk cement truck

ACV-17R1 Bulk cement truck is designed for transporting dry cement, cement-sand materials and the like and their feed into mixing plants for preparing slurries at grouting (cementing) casing strings of oil, gas and other wells, and in construction.

TS 3666-042-79560377-2016

Parameter name Value
Erection base Chassis КАМАZ 65222-3010-43
Hopper volume, m3 17
The largest weight of the transported material, kg 19025
Weight of the material transported by mud-locked roads, kg, max. 19025
Total weight of material loading, taking into account the additional loading in place, kg, max. 19025
Maximal unloading performance, t/min (m3/min) 0,8 (7)
Maximum positive pressure in the tank vessel, MPa 0,21
Maximal self-loading performance, t/min (m3/min) 0,25 (0,2)
Fail-free operation probability 0,95
Average time between failures, h 1500
Average lifetime years 10