VP-R1 water swivels

VP-R1 water swivels serve as a connecting link between the tackle system and the downhole tool, which is connected to the rotating swivel stem. The water swivel provides barring the tool and feeding the flushing liquid through a hose connection into the tubing string to the well face. Swivel installation place is on the elevator tackle system.

TS 3661-001-79560377-2009

VP-R1 water swivels consist of:

The scheme of VP-R1 water swivels

The swivel consists of the stem 3 and the housing 4. In the swivel housing there are two ball bearings 12 providing free rotation of the stem. The inner cavity of the housing in the upper and lower parts is sealed against the penetration of the flushing liquid with the pump buckets 7, and from the dust and dirt with the pump buckets 15 and the rings 16 installed in the lid 6. The lid 6 in the housing is locked with dump bolts 13.

When working, the swivel body is under the influence of the washing hose weight, while the weight of the flushing tubes have an effect on the swivel stem.

On the stem upper end a cap 1 is screwed, under which a tube elevator is mounted.

An adapter sub with the required tubing, drill pipe thread or the tool-joint thread can be screw on the swivel stem upon customer's request.

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