BKOK-426R1 Float shoe with check valve

BKOK-426R1 Float shoe with check valve is designed for equipping the casing string bottom in order to ensure self-filling of the descended columns with the drilling mud from the well without its overflowing from the column to the mouth. To perform the "stop" ring function and to provide the leak-proof fit of bypass plugs on it in the process of pushing the cementing slurry into the outer annulus and to prevent the backflow of liquid from the well to the column after consolidation is completed. The inclination of the borehole axis at the valve installation site should not exceed 20°.

Parameter name BKOK–426R1
Maximum working pressure, PSI (atm) 735 (50)
External diameter 17 3/4″/ 451±3 mm
ID of the valve body, min. 15 3/4″/ 400 mm
Diameter of the ball 3″/ 76±0,5 mm
Coupling threads Buttress-426
Valve height, max. 25 1/4″/ 641 mm
Valve weight, lbs (kg), max. 434.3 (197,35)