Submersible pumping station for hitching on a tractor SN-180R1-02

Submersible pumping station for hitching on a tractor SN-180R1-02 produced on the basis of a centrifugal pump NC-127R1. The pumping station is lightweight and compact, requires minimal installation space and is easy to maintain.

This pump station is intended for installation in the standard place on the shovel boom instead of the bucket.

  Submersible pumping station for hitching on a tractor SN-180R1-02 are intended:

  • to pump abrasive hydraulic fluids (clay and gravel mortars, mixtures of water and sand, ore, etc.);
  • to swamp drainage, unwatering of foundation, drainage of lakes and other water bodies;
  • to bottom dredging, bank alluviation, desliming and etc;
  • for maintenance and repair of gas pipelines in swampy and flooded areas;
  • for pumping drill cuttings (cuttings slurry, waste drilling mud), blackwater, industrial waste-water, oil contaminated soil, process effluent of oil-production enterprise and oil refinery.

Submersible pumping station for hitching on a tractor SN-180R1-02 it consists of a suspension, in the lower part of which a centrifugal pump NC-127R1 of size 6"х5"х10" is installed. The centrifugal pump is driven by a hydraulic motor powered by the standard excavator hydraulic system. A mechanical filter with a cell diameter of 30 mm is installed on the inlet fitting of the centrifugal pump. A 45 ° bend (item 5) is installed at the pump tube assembly outlet for connecting a pressure hose (sludge pipe).

The pumping station is attached to the shovel boom with load pins.

Pump body made of steel 40HL, impeller made of stainless steel 20H13. The use of these materials allows you to increase the pump life several times.

Parameter name SN-180R1-02
Pumped fluid properties:
Hydraulic fluid density, kg/m3 up to 2500
Temperature, °C +5 ... +55
Solid particle content up to 60%
Solid particle maximal size, mm at most 30
Parameter name:
Nominal height of lift, MPa 0,4
Nominal flow, m3/h 180
Rated speed, rpm 1400
Maximum rotations per minute 2400
Brand 310.3(4).80
Motor displacement, cc/rev 80
Power, kW:

Inlet pressure, MPa:

Flow, lpm:

Dn suction flange, mm 150
Dn pressure flange, mm 125
Dimensions LxWxH, max, mm 685х660х1500
Station weight, kg 350