PH-273R1 Liner hanger

PH-273R1 Liner hanger is designed for casing pipe "liners" (secret columns) descending and their cementing during construction of oil and gas wells.

The liner hanger is located between the upper liner extremity and the hollow rodding where the liner descends to the design position, upon which the annular space is cemented.

Parameter name PH-273R1
Operating pressure, PSI (atm), max. 2204 (150)
Cargo capacity, tons, max. 200
Working temperature, °C, max. 200
Hunger stopper pin cut pressure, PSI (atm) 5878 (400) - 7348 (500)
Pressure of the cut of pins of the plug for «windows» opening, PSI (atm) 11757 (800) - 14696 (1000)

Complete units

Liner hanger, pcs. 1
Male hub, pcs. 1
Ball GOST, 3722-81, pcs. 1
Assembled stopper, psc. 1
PH-R1 Liner hanger Operating instructions, copy 1

Using liner hangers.

Liner is a part of the casing string located at a length from the well face to the previous casing string section. Liners descent into the well on the drill string and connect to it with the help of the devices - liner hangers (disconnectors). A lot depends on the reliability of this assembly, because the elimination of an accident may take a plenty of time.