Product use

  1. Descending the casing string along with the shoe must be smooth and jerkless, at a speed of up to 1.5 m/s.
  2. In descending the casing string equipped with БКМ type shoe, it is not allowed touching down the string over 10 tons.

BKM-R1 Cement float shoe

BKM-R1 Cement float shoe are designed for equipping the bottom of casing strings consisting of pipes in accordance with GOST 632-80, GOST 633-80, as well as strings consisting of smooth insert joint casings in order to direct them along the wellbore and protect them from damage during descent while fastening the oil and gas wells at the face temperature of +160 °C

Pre-application treatment

  1. Immediately prior to using at the drilling site, the float shoe is demothballed and checked for operability;
  2. On the drilling site receiving platforms, the shoe is screwed with the casing string first pipe using the sealing thread lubricant;
  3. The float shoe is made up over the well mouth with the manual tong with a torque corresponding to the casing string diameter;
  4. In coupling the float shoe with the casing string, moving this string to the drilling site with subsequent fastening, hitting the float shoe concrete cap is prohibited;
  5. It is recommended to soak the float shoe in fresh water for three days prior to using, avoiding subsequent freezing.