BKM-340R1 Cement float shoe

BKM-340R1 Cement float shoe are designed for equipping the bottom of casing strings consisting of pipes in accordance with GOST 632-80, GOST 633-80, as well as strings consisting of smooth insert joint casings in order to direct them along the wellbore and protect them from damage during descent while fastening the oil and gas wells at the face temperature of +160 °C

Parameter name BKM–340R1
Nominal diameter 13 3/8″/ 340 mm
External diameter 14 3/8″/ 365 mm
Central opening diameter 6 11/16″/ 170 mm
Height 15 1/2″/ 102 mm
Weight, lbs (kg), max. 198 (90)
Compressive load kN (t), min 430 (43)